n.1.An unusual or unexpected thing; a wonder. See Fearly.
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Fort Lauderdale-based investment banking firm, Farlie Turner & Co.
1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --Fort Lauderdale-based investment banking firm, Farlie Turner & Co.
56 (480m): Cuil Rocket, Farlie Ozzi, Bramble Thorn, Fridays Policy, Klockwork Tip, Blackhouse Ben 19.
Andrew Brazier, Ryon Properties; Nick Fairlie, Farlie Real Estate; Michael Reeves, ReevesMG.
The theory of issue ownership states that candidates will only discuss the issues that, according to public opinion, are better handled by their own political party (Budge and Farlie 1983; Petrocik 1996; Sellers 1998; Holian 2004; Kaufmann 2004).
My thanks go to Trevor Farlie for his research assistance in the preparation of this paper and to Giovanna Roma for her French translation.
Morphologische-biologische beinerkungeli fiber die gametophyten einige schwedischer farlie.
Herbert Farlie Wood, and you will see that we were on your immediate right.
Other research shows that, conditional on working, immigrants are more likely than native-born Americans to be self-employed (Borjas 1986; Yuengert 1995; Farlie and Meyer 1996; Lofstrom 2002).
He had been on a day out with his family on the beach near his home in Farlie, near Largs.
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