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 (făr′ə-gət), David Glasgow 1801-1870.
American admiral who commanded Union ships on daring Civil War missions, including the capture of New Orleans (1862) and the taking of Mobile Bay (1864), during which he uttered his famous rallying cry, "Damn the torpedoes—full speed ahead!"


(ˈfær ə gət)

David Glasgow, 1801–70, U.S. admiral for the Union in the U.S. Civil War.
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Noun1.Farragut - United States admiral who commanded Union ships during the American Civil War (1801-1870)Farragut - United States admiral who commanded Union ships during the American Civil War (1801-1870)
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The arsenals were opened to Commander Farragut, who hastened the arming of his frigate; but, as it always happens, the moment it was decided to pursue the monster, the monster did not appear.
Now, I put it to you, boys, is it natural for lads from fifteen to eighteen to command ships, defeat pirates, outwit smugglers, and so cover themselves with glory, that Admiral Farragut invites them to dinner, saying, 'Noble boy, you are an honour to your country
Stood my first watch - harbor-watch - feelin' finer'n Farragut.
Great crowds assembled, more especially in the dinner hour, in Madison Square about the Farragut monument, to listen to and cheer patriotic speeches, and a veritable epidemic of little flags and buttons swept through these great torrents of swiftly moving young people, who poured into New York of a morning by car and mono-rail and subway and train, to toil, and ebb home again between the hours of five and seven.
1400 Farragut Avepuget Sound Naval Shipyardbremerton, Washington 98207-5005 United States
Police determined that the body they discovered in the Bay near 2600 Farragut Road was that of Sullivan and that she had been the victim of a murder.
I am sure his perseverance was influenced by the Civil War Admiral Farragut, who said, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead
Its success, he argues, lies in the determination of the officers and sailors assigned to the dreary duty, but also in large part to its commander, Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, the man best known for his victory at the Battle of Mobile Bay.
Stay at The Hotel Almirante Farragut which offers a great cliff-top location with huge pool and loads of facilities plus the added advantage of being just a 3 minute walk from the beach.
Headquartered in Farragut, Tennessee, SouthEast Bank operates branches throughout East and Middle Tennessee, blending modern amenities with hometown service.
Metro Red Line access from Dupont Circle or Farragut North is recommended.
Across the street are the Farragut Houses, a public housing project with about 3,400 residents living in 10 apartment buildings.