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 (lī′gənd, lĭg′ənd)
An ion, molecule, or molecular group that binds to another chemical entity to form a larger complex.

[From Latin ligandus, gerundive of ligāre, to bind; see ligate.]


(ˈlɪɡənd; ˈlaɪ-)
(Chemistry) chem an atom, molecule, radical, or ion forming a complex with a central atom
[C20: from Latin ligandum, gerund of ligāre to bind]


(ˈlaɪ gənd, ˈlɪg ənd)

1. a molecule, as an antibody, hormone, or drug, that binds to a receptor.
2. a molecule, ion, or atom that is bonded to the central metal atom of a coordination compound.
[1945–50; < Latin ligandus, ger. of ligāre to bind, tie]
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Noun1.ligand - a substance (an atom or molecule or radical or ion) that forms a complex around a central atom
substance - a particular kind or species of matter with uniform properties; "shigella is one of the most toxic substances known to man"
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