glucose tolerance test

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Noun1.glucose tolerance test - test of the body's ability to metabolize carbohydrates; used in the diagnosis of hypoglycemia and diabetes mellitus
diagnostic assay, diagnostic test - an assay conducted for diagnostic purposes
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If you have a high-normal fasting blood sugar and hgbA1c, you may want to try Advanced Blood Sugar Formula.
fasting blood sugar, oral glucose tolerance test, fasting lipid profile) but those values were not high enough to meet criteria for metabolic syndrome.
The seven were: fasting blood sugar, long-term blood sugar (A1C level), total triglycerides, family history of high blood sugar, waist measurement, height, and waist-to-hip ratio.
candidate in the Department of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences, at UM's School of Education and Human Development and author of the study, said that though chromium supplementation doesn't lower fasting blood sugar, there may be other beneficial effects on the body that require more research.
Fasting blood sugar of 126 mg/dL or higher, or a random blood sugar of over 200 mg/dL on more than one occasion.
Since incidence of disease starts to increase when fasting blood sugar rises above 85 mg/dL, this means the majority of aging humans today endure chronic cellular damage associated with elevated blood sugar, along with the accumulation of surplus fat pounds.
Although the PTSD and non-PTSD groups were similar at baseline in age, gender, lipid measures, fasting blood sugar measures, and conventional risk factors for insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, the PTSD group developed significantly higher levels of triglycerides and fasting blood sugar, lower HDL levels, and a higher triglyceride to HDL ratio, compared with the non-PTSD group.
The American Diabetes Association recommended pre-diabetes diagnosis laboratory tests include a glycated hemoglobin (HbAlc) test, a fasting blood sugar test and an oral glucose tolerance test (Table I).
PHILADELPHIA--An elevated postpartum fasting blood sugar does not predict type 2 diabetes in women who had gestational diabetes.
Metabolic syndrome is a group of conditions - including abdominal obesity, high triglycerides (a type of fat found in the blood), high fasting blood sugar levels and high blood pressure - that increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.
I had a diabetic student who was on insulin treatment and one day I took her fasting blood sugar, which was above 500," said Ali.