Fat acid

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(Chem.) See Sebacic acid, under Sebacic.

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Compare: C12:0 (Lauric) fat acid whose freezing temperature is about 44[degrees]C and C20:0 (Arachidic) who's freezing temperature is 76[degrees]C.
Fat acids contained in triglyceride may be saturated and unsaturated.
In addition to oxidative stability saturated fat acids have one more positive property ensuring the limiting lubrication of friction surfaces.
The most common unsaturated fat acid of nature is lineolic acid that cannot be synthesized in body and is prefabrication of arachidonic acid.
Different dietaries consisted unsaturated fat acid 5% or fish oil (O), unsaturated fat acid plus antioxidants containing 100 units of vitamin E plus 50 mg/kg Zn (A) and saturated fat acid 5% or fat (A).
Treatment (O) cause significant increase in DHA-EPA, fat acid with several twofold bands, [W.
Hamad bin Said al-Oufi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries honored the participants at a project to study the effect of fish consumption on fat acids, fats at the hg and the perception level at the school students in the Sultanate.
Brisson [1] previously declared that when hen diet incorporated with more oil instead of fat, the amount of blood cholesterol will decrease according to increase of unsaturated fat acids ratio to saturated fat acids.
Often our body needs more amino acids, poly-nonsaturated fat acids, vitamins, macro cells and micro cells, food fibres, etc.
Some easily fusible materials also contain alcohols and fat acids.
May also contain fat acids, free alcohols, hydrocarbons and resins.