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Kathleen felt happy and safe during that hour, and her faith in a kind and loving Father-God grew.
From the teaching of the Old Testament, they believed in one Father-God.
This lack of mystical (or religious) elements in Freud was the reason for his misunderstanding of the significance of the Femionine, the Mother-Goddess who preceded the Father-God in the prepatriarchal level of the unconscious that Jung discovered by his thorough study of the Indo-Aryan mysticism.
The father-God image represents a significant intersection in an analysis of religious values and family life.
What student hears scientific explanations of religion, such as this one: Sigmund Freud said the widespread belief in a father-god arises from psychology.
But there is much piety toward the pater that goes unexamined in this autobiography, as exemplified in Tarry's unqualified American patriotism, her faith in the father-God of her Catholic training, and her deference toward the priests of the Church whose paternal authority she regularly obeys.