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also Fat·i·mah  (făt′ə-mə) 606?-632?
Daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. She married Ali, among the first to embrace Islam, and is regarded by Muslims as one of the Four Perfect Women.


A village of west-central Portugal north-northeast of Lisbon. It became a pilgrimage site after the reported appearance of the Virgin Mary to three children in 1917.


(Biography) ?606–632 ad daughter of Mohammed; wife of Ali


(Portuguese ˈfatimə)
(Placename) a village in central Portugal: Roman Catholic shrine and pilgrimage centre


(ˈfæt ə mə, ˈfɑ tiˌmɑ)

A.D. 606?–632, daughter of Muhammad and wife of Ali.


(ˈfɑ tɪ mə)

a village in central Portugal, N of Lisbon: Roman Catholic shrine.
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Noun1.Fatima - youngest daughter of the prophet Mohammed and wife of the fourth calif Ali; revered especially by Shiite Muslims (606-632)
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Now I'll quench the curiosity of this little Fatima, my dear Daisy, by leaving her nothing to guess at.
So the first time the Sultana Fatima saw her son she told him she had heard of his refusal to marry, adding how distressed she felt that he should have vexed his father so much.
But, my son," urged Fatima, "you surely do not wish to be the last of a race which has reigned so long and so gloriously over this kingdom?
Well, guardian," said I, "without thinking myself a Fatima or you a Blue Beard, I am a little curious about it.
Prior to Acision, Fatima held a number of senior management and leadership roles at Ericsson where she covered multiple markets, and was most recently President for Ericsson Brazil.
Here, Fatima returns to the Hackney apartment where her life began, and meets young people in the care system.
I cultivate pepper, tomatoe, radish and lettuce in our yard and that is a good source of income for our family" says Fatima, donning a black scarf.
Over 12 weeks, Fatima, 50, and her health and fitness team - Dr Chris Steele and Amanda Hamilton - will put four obese volunteers through their paces and whip them into shape.
For her GCSE coursework, many of her pieces had a butterfly theme, which Fatima chose herself, alongside colourful mosaics and even a mask.
Addressing a function to celebrate the 119th birth anniversary of Madr-e-Millat, as Fatima is known, Nizami said there could have been no Pakistan if there was no Madr-e-Millat.
According to official statistics released by Qatar Statistics Authority, there are almost 15,000 people in Qatar named Mohammed and more than 6,000 called Fatima.
Fatima has been posting strongly worded tweets on her uncle Zardari's " vacation" to Europe.