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also Fat·i·mah  (făt′ə-mə) 606?-632?
Daughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. She married Ali, among the first to embrace Islam, and is regarded by Muslims as one of the Four Perfect Women.


A village of west-central Portugal north-northeast of Lisbon. It became a pilgrimage site after the reported appearance of the Virgin Mary to three children in 1917.


(Biography) ?606–632 ad daughter of Mohammed; wife of Ali


(Portuguese ˈfatimə)
(Placename) a village in central Portugal: Roman Catholic shrine and pilgrimage centre


(ˈfæt ə mə, ˈfɑ tiˌmɑ)

A.D. 606?–632, daughter of Muhammad and wife of Ali.


(ˈfɑ tɪ mə)

a village in central Portugal, N of Lisbon: Roman Catholic shrine.
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Noun1.Fatima - youngest daughter of the prophet Mohammed and wife of the fourth calif Ali; revered especially by Shiite Muslims (606-632)
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Well, guardian," said I, "without thinking myself a Fatima or you a Blue Beard, I am a little curious about it.
So the first time the Sultana Fatima saw her son she told him she had heard of his refusal to marry, adding how distressed she felt that he should have vexed his father so much.
But, my son," urged Fatima, "you surely do not wish to be the last of a race which has reigned so long and so gloriously over this kingdom?
Now I'll quench the curiosity of this little Fatima, my dear Daisy, by leaving her nothing to guess at.
The father, a community and religious leader, does not believe in his daughters acquiring education beyond secondary school, and this is one area that pitches him against Fatima, who has the passion to attain the highest level of education achievement.
After the incident, the woman, her daughter Aliya, 6, and son Mohammad Arshad, 8, were rushed to a hospital, where doctors pronounced Fatima and her daughter dead.
Witness Abid has told that case was with some other officer and file has been given to Maheen Fatima by chairman SCCP.
Last year, devotees marked the centennial of the Fatima apparitions.
Three-year-old Fatima was supposed to have her fourth chemo cycle on Feb.
Mudassir was killed on February 25, 2017, in relation to the Iman Fatima murder case.
Eman Fatima was abducted by unidentified suspect(s) in February 2017 and was later found raped and murdered at an under-construction house.
Kusztra expressed her pride of the role played by Shaikha Fatima, as well as their strong relations and co-operation in many areas, including their mutual deliberations and exchange of views about issues related to the family that concern all communities.