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2-8) In addition to failure of the reattachment of the tendon, neurologic atrophy and fatty infiltration of the muscle belly may also be a cause of pain and functional impairment.
Lipoma arborescens is a rare, intraarticular lipoma-like lesion characterized by fatty infiltration of the subsynovial tissue.
Recent findings on computed tomography (CT) were also consistent with Sjogren syndrome; CT demonstrated bilateral enlargement of the parotid glands with fatty infiltration, as well as a mottled pattern of increased enhancement of the parotid and submandibular glands consistent with parotitis.
1) Linear correlation between increased fatty infiltration of the thymus on computed tomography (CT) and decreased 18F-FDG uptake on positron emission tomography-computed tomography (PET-CT) is seen with increasing age.
Resolution of focal fatty infiltration of the liver.
Evaluation of Muscle Size and Fatty Infiltration with MRI 9-11 years Following Hamstring Harvest for ACL reconstruction
40) The article by Gladstone et al similarly confirmed that muscle atrophy and fatty infiltration played a significant role in functional outcome after repair.
Prevalence and indicators of postpartum fatty infiltration of the liver in nine commercial dairy herds in the Netherlands.
Based on results of univariate logistic regression analysis (Tables 2--4) and considerations about colinearity as mentioned above, several variables were included for further multivariate analysis: cerebrovascular/stroke as cause of death, heavy fatty infiltration in the pancreas, Roche Liberase HI and Serva Collagenase NB as collagenase, dilution time, and the BIIM.
The response to insulin becomes weakened in the dairy cow with liver fatty infiltration, which might result in insulin resistance and hamper the normalization of blood glucose level (Veenhuren et al.
Liver biopsies were performed percutaneously under ultrasound guidance, or laparoscopically during cholecystectomy for patients with ultrasonographic evidence of steatosis, on patients older than 45 years with fatty infiltration on ultrasound and/or who had persistently abnormal liver function and/or hepatomegaly.