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n.1.One who commits a fault.
Behold the faulter here in sight.
- Fairfax.
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If the top management faulter, it reflects on the morale of the employees.
Notably, as she reflects on her conduct, she finds that 'she was the more satisfied with herself, because she had never, for an instant, forgotten her own dignity so far, as to degenerate into the vehemence of passion, or to faulter with the weakness of fear (85, my italics).
Chelsea will be desperate for all three points tonight as they aim to keep the pressure on Manchester United and Liverpool in the hope that they may faulter in their quest for the Premiership crown.
Not only will this fanatic destroy evidence that faults his findings; he'll even kill the faulter.
A faint blush crossed her cheek, her spirits seemed to faulter, and she was unwilling to withdraw her eyes from Ellena'.
But if Crigglestone do faulter at the final few hurdles, Moldgreen could look back at this contest as being the defining moment.
2hh tri-coloured gelding, to finish as the fastest four- faulter.
ASSAFIR: Security Forces arrests Ahmad Al-Assir in Beirut airport Hariri phones Mashnouk, Ibrahim hailing Al-Assir detention Ad-Diyar: Two years after Abra incidents, Security Forces arrest Al-Assir Sunni Muslims scholars' body warns of endangering Sheikh Ahmad Al-Assir's safety DAILY STAR: Fugitive Salafist Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir arrested at Beirut airport Hostage families: No word from ISIS on fateful trip Syria clashes reignite in Zabadani, Idlib after truce faulters N.
He faulters, and his words are all vnsteady, / Poore fellow looks as he were hang'd already.
One more down and Al Duhaimi was out of medal contention finishing the round on a 12-point penalty, as at this stage five riders had clear rounds ahead of him a and there was a slew of one and four faulters.
I think a lot of the four faulters were pretty unlucky and my horse was unlucky in the first round.
While gasp by gasp he faulters forth his soul, Ours with one pang--one bound--escapes controul.