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 (fō-rā′), Gabriel Urbain 1845-1924.
French composer chiefly noted for his songs, including the cycle La Bonne Chanson (1894), and for his Requiem (1890).


(ˈfɔːreɪ; French fore)
(Biography) Gabriel (Urbain) (ɡabriɛl). 1845–1924, French composer and teacher, noted particularly for his song settings of French poems, esp those of Verlaine, his piano music, and his Messe de Requiem (1887)


(fɔˈreɪ, foʊ-)

Gabriel Urbain, 1845–1924, French composer.
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Faure and Krauss had sung; and, on that evening, Christine Daae had revealed her true self, for the first time, to the astonished and enthusiastic audience.
In his "Epilogue," a dense and powerful essay that brings together all the themes of the book, Faure stresses that the dichotomies he has explored are not found only between Chan and other traditions (Buddhist and "popular") but within Chan itself.
Culinary Arts-The Restaurant School), Michel Faure (Golden Pheasant Restaurant), Ed Galgon (Cabfryes Restaurant), and three national Chaine des Rotisseur Gastronome Judges from the Philadelphia area.
Following the second deadly shooting in as many months in the United States of America, President Danny Faure has sent a message of condolence Mr Donald Trump, President of the United States of America on behalf of the Government and people of the Republic of Seychelles.
Sebastien Faure reckons Rangers' season will be deemed a failure by their fans unless they reach the Scottish Cup Final.
West Mercia Police said Jahnel Faure, 28; Jermaine Christie, 27; Paul Coulter, 27, and 34-year-old Barry Mundle had appeared before magistrates yesterday charged with killing Adnan Rafiq.
In these two elegant performing editor drawn from the Gabriel Faure (Euvres completes and produced by Barenreiter, editor James William Sobaskie has done an admirable job of annotating the scores with articulation and expressive markings the composer would likely have included himself had he lived to do so.
When singers think of Faure, they think mostly of the individual songs he wrote between 1860 and 1890, including such gems as "Lydia" (1870) and "Clair de lune" (1887).
After a brief meeting with Jaishankar, Faure, said, "Today, we have signed a revised version of the agreement for the development of facilities on Assumption Island.
26 (BNA): Seychelles President Danny Faure received here today the Advisor to HRH the Prime Minister, HH Shaikh Salman bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, currently on a visit to friendly Seychelles.
Summary: A lot of UAE investors have shown interest in the country's tourism sector, says president Danny Faure
There is a Mozart sonata on the first half, a Faure sonata and a Tchaikovsky number, all of which hold special meaning for him.