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 (foust) also Faus·tus (fou′stəs, fô′-)
A magician and alchemist in German legend who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for power and knowledge.

[German, after Johann Faust (1480?-1540?), German magician and alchemist.]

Faust′i·an (fou′stē-ən) adj.


1. of or relating to Faust, esp reminiscent of his bargain with the devil
2. (European Myth & Legend) of or relating to Faust, esp reminiscent of his bargain with the devil


(ˈfaʊ sti ən)

1. of, pertaining to, or typical of Faust.
2. sacrificing spiritual values for power, knowledge, or material gain.
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Adj.1.Faustian - pertaining to or resembling or befitting Faust or Faustus especially in insatiably striving for worldly knowledge and power even at the price of spiritual values; "a Faustian pact with the Devil"


[ˈfaʊstɪən] ADJde Fausto
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This is iron-clad evidence of the Faustian deal the US has struck with Israel.
So she ignored the red flags raised publicly by Scowcroft and privately by Powell and made her Faustian deal to sell a fake war.
Moreover, in light of the obscene Protest Law and indiscriminate arrests, it could be that more and more of Egypt has realized they've made a Faustian deal in the wake of Morsi's ouster.
Sat/Sun, mac) *** Shrek Forever After 3D (U) A faustian deal finds Shrek in another reality where he and Fiona have never met.
But that's the Faustian deal you do when you start a tribute band, and I think we chose the best one.
They will ensure that they maintain their hold and that the foreign management would be compelled to make a Faustian deal with them.
Clay Carter, a public defender facing burn-out and the loss of the woman he loves, accepts a Faustian deal from a mysterious man to represent tort clients, rapidly earning $15 million.
What I don't support is a pop star having a Faustian deal with corporate America.
She did the Faustian deal with immortality when she decided to dominate the front pages of every glossy journal on earth by championing the most photogenically heart-tugging causes known to man.
Kain's thirst for vengeance drives him to strike a Faustian deal with the Necromancer Mortanius, who resurrects him as a vampire.
You must always choose the best projects, otherwise of course you just make one Faustian deal after another just in order to get somewhere hot during the winter.
He will have made the Faustian deal and he may as well not have his doctorate.