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pedophobia, paedophobia

an abnormal fear of dolls.
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In December 2014, another similar measure was taken for travelers to Qatar, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Libya, "in fear of youth joining militant group.
Fowler attributes increased police presence on Texas campuses to the widespread public fear of youth violence in the 1980s and 1990s, which reached their apogee with the 1999 Columbine shootings.
Thus fear of youth crime, for all the terrible impact it has had in recent months, is exaggerated in Canada.
By instilling discipline in youngsters it may reduce youth crime, or the fear of youth crime among older people.
But the number of persistent offenders is rising, and fear of youth crime remains high.
Public fear of youth crime and violence are not totally the product of media sensationalism and vote-hungry politicians.
People living and working around Guisborough Road, in Nunthorpe, were left in fear of youths climbing on to buildings, starting fires and wreaking havoc across the area.
Economists say EPHEBOPHOBIA - the fear of youths - could have grave effects on the financial health of nations.
The Section 30 order has been served on Dilwyn Close, in Matchborough, after months of complaints from people who say they live in fear of youths hanging around street corners at night.
There are lots of elderly people living in this area and this constant fear of youths hanging around is something we just do not need.
In previous years, Nunthorpe residents have lived in fear of youths climbing on to buildings, starting fires, vandalising property, abusing passers-by and under-age drinking.