a.1.Like feathers.
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It was a great night for the seniors to get the win on Senior Night," said Hampshire coach Mike Featherly.
John Nolan's peacock window curtain has featherly flair, with a large, color-saturated print.
The office will initially comprise eight professionals, including partners Walter Featherly, Douglas Serdahely, Kevin Callahan, and Teresa Ridle.
There the torches blazed the brightest, there the moon shone out like day, and there, in tar and featherly dignity, sat his kinsman, Major Molineux" (228).
Kevin Featherly, Streaming Media, in ENCYCLOPEDIA OF
Kevin Featherly, Freenet: Will it Smash Copyright law?
For me, it's an opportunity to do what I can't do in my job" said Kevin Featherly, a heath care magazine reporter who blogs at www.
Cramer, Carissa Lynn Deragisch, Barbara Ann Featherly, Gillian M.
Janet Featherly joined ACA in July as administrative
Kevin Featherly, a new media author and professor is a part-time editor at the PioneerPlanet, the Web site of the St.
The Orange County agenc was successful in control ling Arundo several years ago in a section of riverwa that had burned at Featherly Park, says EMA Field Operations Super visor Bill Hisey.
These regional parks are now accepting reservations: Featherly, (714) 637-0210; O'Neill, 586-7962; and Caspers, 831-2175.