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Stumpf has quit as the San Francisco bank district's representative to the Federal Advisory Council and the resignation is effective Thursday.
Also, he was recently appointed to the Federal Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve Board.
The National Women's Business Council is a non-partisan federal advisory council created to serve as an independent source of advice and counsel to the President, Congress, and the US Small Business Administration on economic issues of importance to women business owners.
In October, the federal Advisory Council for Women on Boards set a voluntary target to increase women's participation on boards to 30 percent within five years.
He expressed these views while addressing the meeting of Provincial Steering Committee of Social Trauma for Federal Advisory Council at Model Town Party Secretariat today.
Members of the federal Advisory Council of Alzheimer's Research, Care and Services have thoughts about new state and federal long-term care (LTC) programs, but they may not be proposing any specific new funding mechanisms.
Minutes of the Federal Advisory Council meeting held on May 17 were published Friday on the (http://federalreserve.
Other thorns in the turbines' side have come from the federal Advisory Council on Historic Properties and the National Park Service, which said Nantucket Sound is eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places - a designation state officials worry could affect the permitting process for such activities as running ferry services and fishing.
In recognition of his growing banking expertise, Bowen was appointed in 1984-87 to the Federal Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve by the Federal Reserve Bank of St.
Thus, Federal Advisory Council directives provide the best measure of the banking sector's monetary policy preferences.
CLEVELAND -- The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland announced the following appointments and elections to its main office and branch boards of directors and to the Federal Advisory Council, effective January 1, 2013.

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