Fee fund

(Scot. Law) certain court dues out of which the clerks and other court officers are paid.

See also: Fee

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As part of the settlement, Biomet will deposit $50 million into an escrow account and another $6 million into an attorney fee fund, the filing showed.
O'Brien said, the container fee fund has generated $37,232, and that money will be available for release shortly.
But some council members protested the council was punishing local residents by cutting its special permit fee fund in half to $2.
Schwab also may receive remuneration from transaction fee fund companies for certain administrative services.
The funding will come from the city s Water and Sewer Impact Fee Fund.
The drop, if it materializes, will reduce the money available for finishing Eastside High School, but officials say the district has about $32 million banked in its developer fee fund.
The authority has also included a "Low Fee Fund List", a "Fee Comparative Platform" and a "Trustee Service Comparative Platform" on its website to help scheme members select funds and increase market force, he said.
The water fund reserves transferred into the Water Impact Fee Fund is paying the funding for the upgrades.
Bond covenants require FVS to pay off up to $25 million of series 2005C bonds from amounts in the entrance fee fund (subject to minimum liquidity covenants) on Dec.
Management is projecting to end fiscal 2008 with approximately 315 days cash on hand (as calculated under the indenture includes amounts in the entrance fee fund, the operating reserve and unrestricted cash and investments) and debt service coverage of 1.
To ensure that the transaction is able to pay fees associated with a remarketing, the reset-rate notes will benefit from a remarketing fee fund.
However, the city opted to create new special revenue funds, the half cent sales tax fund and the development fee fund, representing prior general fund designated accounts.