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Noun1.feeder line - a branching path off of a main transportation line (especially an airline)
itinerary, route, path - an established line of travel or access
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Tenders are invited for Shifting of existing electrical feeder lines due to shifting of Allipura village and decommissioning of the existing electrical feeder lines coming under the submerssion of backwaters of barrage of Singatalur LIS.
The extension will involve the opening of four new stations and preparation for additional feeder lines, including one along the San Vicente de Paul Avenue to Ensanche Isabelita, near the National Aquarium, another from San Vicente de Paul to Megacentro.
6 million project for water supply in the southern side of the Abha city, construction of feeder lines and storage tanks at the cost of SR 10.
To date, AboitizPower has restored 349 poles fixed over 30 kilometers of feeder lines in the area.
The long-range system has been developed to allow for easy deployment on pipeline and feeder lines upstream and midstream.
The book offers simple rules for assembly line workers to follow to maintain flow, plus guidelines for batch and off-line processing, subassembly feeder lines, and debugging the line, illustrated with b&w line drawings.
The contract includes chassis for 48 articulated and 97 bi-articulated vehicles that will operate the trunk lines of Transmilenio, while the remaining 500 chassis will be used for low entry buses, operating conventional lines and feeder lines.
The remaining chassis are for low-floor buses, to be used for conventional and feeder lines.
While the feeder lines were down, Holden's Light Department crews were going through neighborhoods assessing damage and making a plan for restoring service.
On Monday, Nabucco shareholders voted to fund two feeder lines--one to Georgia and one to Iraq--and not to fund a feeder line to Iran.
The decision for introducing two feeder lines was taken at the last meeting of Nabucco's Steering Committee in Ankara and reported Monday.