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Aspen, at its rate of 225 feet per minute represents a massive improvement from the 165 feet per minute of the previous Memjet print engine.
For print jobs with short production windows and tight cost constraints, the performance mode of the Oce ColorStream 3900 model operates at 417 feet per minute at 600 x 480 dpi resolution with multilevel dot modulation, producing excellent quality at top speed.
If the belt feeding the primary magnet is 60 inches wide and traveling at 250 feet per minute (FPM), the following would be true: 50 TPH x 2,000 PPT divided by 60 minutes/hour times 75 PCF equals 22 CFM (where 50 is the capacity in tons/hour, there are 2,000 pounds per ton, 60 minutes per hour, 75 pounds per cubic foot [PCF] of feed density and volume is measured in cubic feet per minute [CFM]).
The conveyance generally moves at 3,000 feet per minute and that's too fast for someone to actually watch the rope, so during rope inspection, we slow it down to 150 feet per minute, and that takes about one hour.
Advanced Surface Inspector System identifies defects at paper machine speeds in excess of 4800 feet per minute.
This machine utilizes a manganese belt conveyance system and variable speed drive to accommodate from 1 to 60 feet per minute blasting speeds.
With its powerful continuous-duty motor, the unit can shred up to 26 sheets at once at speeds up to 25 feet per minute.
The pilot observed a 100 to 150 feet per minute (FPM) rate of descent on the vertical speed indicator.
Thermal simulation of the enclosure demonstrates a uniform airflow of 400 linear feet per minute (LFM) per front slot and 100 LFM per rear transition module slot.
0" long, at speeds of up to 200 feet per minute and maintains a label placement accuracy of +0.
As a standard measure for tight, well-insulated buildings, engineers design systems to circulate 20 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of fresh air per person.
All seemed fine about 34 miles from the airport with the plane descending from 5,600 feet to about 2,300 feet at a slightly faster-than-normal rate of about 700 feet per minute.