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On hearing this, the Distressed Duenna made as though she would throw herself at Don Quixote's feet, and actually did fall before them and said, as she strove to embrace them, "Before these feet and legs I cast myself, O unconquered knight, as before, what they are, the foundations and pillars of knight-errantry; these feet I desire to kiss, for upon their steps hangs and depends the sole remedy for my misfortune, O valorous errant, whose veritable achievements leave behind and eclipse the fabulous ones of the Amadises, Esplandians, and Belianises
Still there was no alternative, and, filling his lungs with the close and reeking air of the chamber, Tarzan of the Apes dived into the dark and watery hole which he could not see but had felt out and found with his feet and legs.
said Dorothy, with a little sigh, for her feet and legs were still wetted now and then by the sea-water that came through the open slats.
But she, too, grew pale and thin; and the nervous activity of the poor little hands and arms only emphasized the pitiful motionlessness of the once active little feet and legs now lying so woefully quiet under the blankets.
He leaned back in the coach, and thought of the beautiful face, and the feet and legs.
Pay close attention to jumps and turns, since dancers are particularly prone to compression injuries in their feet and legs.
To come out, straighten your left leg, bring your head back to neutral, and turn your feet and legs to the right.
From the referee's starting position (photo 1), the bottom man turns his feet out, transfers his weight to the left hand, and swings his feet and legs around (photo 2) to the sit position.
The feet and legs are likely to be affected before the hands and arms.
Repeat the sequence in rapid- fire succession, alternating the feet and legs with the skips and high knee action across the field.
Pointe work should not be attempted by a young dancer until the feet and legs are strong on demi-pointe in soft ballet shoes.
Pointe work should not be attempted by a young or older dancer until the feet and legs are strong in demi-pointe exercises.