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v. t. & i.1.To feign.
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While the book is strong on electoral statistics and polling figures illustrating Sinn Fein's slow ascent, one neglected aspect is the paradox that Sinn Fein in the Republic was more conservative and tightly wedded to Civil War politics than in the north.
A longtime columnist for the Forward, Fein was still writing for the publication as recently as last week.
A decision to stand as the Sinn Fein president for election in the Republic while he already holds seats for West Belfast in both the House of Commons and the Northern Ireland Assembly would be a major political move by the party.
The new site offers professionals and DIYers an online shopping experience featuring the full line of Fein power tools, including the Fein MultiMaster and Fein SuperCut oscillating tools, GRIT belt sanders, Turbo vacuums, accessories and more.
The new FEIN Dustex vacuum cleaners are optimised for continuous use in industry and manual trades.
Flanked by Ulster Unionist leader and Employment Minister Sir Reg Empey and SDLP Social Development Minister Margaret Ritchie, he said they would seek to carry out ministerial work without Sinn Fein.
There are some dishes that honor our traditions that the family must have," Fein said in a recent telephone interview from her home in Stamford, Conn.
It's a relationship business and you want to use who you feel the most comfortable with," Fein says.
The party ruling executive met in Dublin on Saturday and cleared the way for three members of the Sinn Fein Assembly party to take their sets when the board meets next month.
But the stakes are too high to dismiss Fein simply for being didactic or eccentric.
As parties took part in a hectic round of meetings with Prime Minister Tony Blair and Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, Mr McGuinness emerged from the talks insisting Sinn Fein could not move on policing without the DUP agreeing to form a devolved government featuring Sinn Fein.