feline leukemia virus

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feline leukemia virus

n. Abbr. FeLV
A retrovirus that primarily affects cats, is transmitted through saliva, and causes immunosuppression, anemia, cancers such as leukemia and sarcomas, and other disorders.

fe′line leuke′mia vi`rus

a retrovirus, mainly affecting cats, that depresses the immune system and leads to opportunistic infections, lymphosarcoma, and other disorders. Abbr.: FeLV
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Some cats may also be protected against chlamydia and feline leukemia.
She has been tested for feline leukemia and FIV (she is negative), spayed, microchipped, vaccinated, defleaed and dewormed - plus you get a free vet visit.
It is an infectious disease caused by a retrovirus which is in the same family as the feline leukemia virus, which is present in large quantities in a cat's saliva, and the most common mode of transmission is via bite wounds.
He was tested for feline leukemia, given X-rays to rule out broken bones and out on crate rest until he was ready for adoption.
FLVCR--an abbreviation for feline leukemia virus subgroup C receptor--was initially isolated as a cause of severe anemia in cats, he said.
Of the 12 notifiable infectious diseases in the surveillance system, 5 were nonzoonotic (distemper, canine infectious tracheobronchitis, feline respiratory complex disease, feline leukemia, and hemorrhagic gastroenteritis), and 7 were zoonotic (giardiasis, brucellosis, leptospirosis, rabies, ehrlichiosis, scabies, and tinea infection).
Additional threats include mercury poisoning from the fallout of coal-fired power plants, parasites, and diseases such as feline leukemia and feline distemper.
Rapp's kitten-killing (the cat did have feline leukemia, but still
There are more than 250 genetic diseases that afflict cats, and the genome map may lead to prevention and treatment of diseases such as feline leukemia.
But it claims that feral cats are aggravating an already desperate situation by hunting smaller creatures and possibly spreading feline leukemia and feline pan-leukemia to Florida panthers.
Biting wounds are one of the most common transmitting methods for some of the more dangerous cat viruses, like feline leukemia.
Aquila's products include: Leucogen for protection against feline leukemia virus (approved for United States and European use in 1991); Quilvax MTM, an aid in the control of bovine mastitis; and Quilimmune MTM, a human healthcare product for preventing malaria.

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