Philip II of Spain

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Noun1.Philip II of Spain - king of Spain and Portugal and husband of Mary I; he supported the Counter Reformation and sent the Spanish Armada to invade England (1527-1598)
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Historians believe that the first reports of the existence of Copan were from Diego Garcia de Palacios, a representative of King Felipe II of Spain, who wrote to the crown of the site on March 8, 1576.
Even in their own day, despite their considerable popularity and impressive publication histories, neither of the poems (both of them dedicated to their respective sovereigns, Felipe II of Spain and [his nephew] young Sebastiao of Portugal) received a stipend commensurate with its value, a particular irony since Ercilla and Camoes represent in some ways diametrically opposite sides of the patronage spectrum.
Felipe II of Spain tried at various junctures to dissuade his nephew from the enterprise (Danvila, passim).