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 (fə-lē′nē, fĕl-), Federico 1920-1993.
Italian filmmaker whose works, including La Dolce Vita (1960) and 8 1/2 (1963), combine social satire with elements of fantasy.


(Italian fɛlˈliːnɪ)
(Biography) Federico (fedeˈriko). 1920–93, Italian film director. His films include La Dolce Vita (1959), 81/2 (1963), Satyricon (1969), and Intervista (1987)


(fəˈli ni)

Federico, 1920–93, Italian filmmaker.
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Noun1.Fellini - Italian filmmaker (1920-1993)
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Kicking off in the district of Rio di Cannergio, a water show called 'Lights, Camera, Action', based on a circus theme and inspired by legendary Italian film-maker Federico Fellini, was performed by spectacularly dressed participants on floating structures accompanied by music from Fellini's films.
Keywords: Bondanella, friend, mentor, scholar, teacher, translator, administrator, indefatigable, irrepressible, gadfly, gourmet, arbiter elegantiarum, Fellini.
Federico Fellini as Auteur: Seven Aspects of His Films (reprint, 2006)
Of course, the immediate recognition these three movies received on a national and international level--La grande bellezza becoming one of the most awarded Italian films in history, winning an Academy Award, a BAFTA, a Golden Globe, and a David di Donatello among many other prizes; Sacro GRA winning the Golden Lion at Venice 14 years after the last prize for an Italian movie; Tulpa being acclaimed by Italian and international specialized press as the 'rebirth' of Italian cinema di genere--raises significant questions about Rome-related imaginary, the self-perception of Italian cinema and its impact abroad, and most of all about the long-lasting influence of Fellini, Pasolini, and Italian Neorealism (and, to some extent, of Argento's cinema) in aesthetic, political, and critical terms.
Fellini was known for his distinct style which blended fantasy and baroque images with earthiness.
It's of Marcello Mastroianni, taken from a frame of "8 1/2," the third time the fest has drawn inspiration from Federico Fellini.
Elle a ete realisee a partir d'un photogramme, une image tiree du film [beaucoup moins que]Huit et demi[beaucoup plus grand que] de Federico Fellini presente a Cannes en 1963 et qui racontait l'histoire d'un realisateur depressif fuyant le monde du cinema pour se refugier dans un univers peuple de fantasmes.
After the wild success of La Dolce Vita and the less enthusiastic welcoming of 8 1/2, Fellini planned to makeThe Journey of G.
The 21st Century Portuguese Surrealism heads now to the Fellini Gallery, with the support of the Portuguese Embassy in Berlin.
In a chat with Mother Jones creative director Tim J Luddy, editor Michel Choquette explains why the collection is only now seeing the light of day, despite the inclusion of work by artists like Federico Fellini.
Como asistente de Fedefico Fellini entre 1979 y 1980, la mexicana Tiahoga Ruge se ligo con el para siempre, al grado de que esta por estrenar en el Festival de Moscu su pelicula Sonando con Tulum.
She was spotted by Federico Fellini who gave her a part in La Dolce Vita.