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 (fə-lo͞o′kə, -lŭk′ə)
A narrow, swift, lateen-rigged sailing vessel of a type traditionally used on the Nile and in the Mediterranean Sea.

[Italian feluca, from Arabic falūka, sloop, from Greek epholkion, small boat towed after a ship, from ephelkein, to tow : ep-, epi-, epi- + helkein, to drag, pull.]


(Nautical Terms) a narrow lateen-rigged vessel of the Mediterranean
[C17: from Italian felucca, probably from obsolete Spanish faluca, probably from Arabic fulūk ships, from Greek epholkion small boat, from ephelkein to tow]


(fəˈlʌk ə, -ˈlu kə)

n., pl. -cas.
a sailing vessel, lateen-rigged on two masts, used in the Mediterranean Sea and along the Spanish and Portuguese coasts.
[1620–30; earlier falluca < Sp faluca, earlier variant of falúa, perhaps < Catalan faluga < Arabic falūwah small cargo ship]
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Noun1.felucca - a fast narrow sailing ship of the Mediterraneanfelucca - a fast narrow sailing ship of the Mediterranean
sailing ship, sailing vessel - a vessel that is powered by the wind; often having several masts


nFeluke f
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Today, Waleed has plans to develop Sporting Beach Club's hospitality venues, such as the Feluka restaurant, which will offer a wide variety of fish platters and be a more dress-up venue than their current Beach Club cafe or the Sunset Lounge to be situated where Decks on the Beach parties take place in the summer.
Sequoia in Zamalek is an elegant and trendy open-air restaurant also overlooking a 180 degree view of the Nile, so sit back and relax with friends as music blasts from traditional felukas zigzagging the river.
They watch over the men on duty; there are those who patiently sew their nets in a patch of shade, those who band with other men to dock their felukas and those who quietly navigate their way out to sea.