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a game at cards played on a round board with compartments.

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Who knows, maybe one day a female pope will make the trip to Ireland.
Heyward has written that the election of Jefferts Schori was "unimaginable to any Episcopalian in 1974, a bit like imagining a female pope from where we stand in 2014.
I'm surprised the writer didn't keep going to its logical conclusion--a female pope.
If you believe, as The House of Rumour does but official history does not, that there actually was a female pope who disguised herself as a man--Pope Joan--this novel will be right up your alley.
There's a female pope, the mistress of a Japanese emperor, an explorer and even the patient wife from The Clerk's Tale in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.
Norwich does not shy away from the controversial popes of the early centuries, including the possibility of a female pope (alternately known as Pope Joan or Agnes) in the first century, and Pope John XII who was the exemplar of debauchery.
There was not a female Pope, the Da Vinci Code is silly, animals do not have rights in Catholic teaching, and so on.
Pope Bendict timeline PAGE 5 Excited young Brummies PAGE 6 Troubled times for Rome PAGE 7 A day in life of Benedict PAGE 10 The road to Birmingham PAGE 11 Your questions for Pope PAGE 12 A saint in the making PAGE 13 Priest's lifelong mission PAGE 14 My miraculous curePAGE 15 Relics, saints and shrines PAGE 16 Cardinal remembered PAGE 17 The Newman gay claim PAGE 18 Support from all faiths PAGE 19 Coventry nuns on run PAGE 21 The Falklands crisisPAGE 22 John Paul II hysteriaPAGE 23 Contraception debate PAGE 25 Vatican's smoke signals PAGE 26 The tale of female pope PAGE 29 Dark shadow of abuse PAGE 30 Day the world stood still PAGE 31 The pride of Birmingham PAGE 32
Where would a fool, a female pope and a hanged man be found together?
Freeman, in "Joan of Contention: The Myth of the Female Pope in Early Modern England," shows definitively that the story of a female pope in the eighth century whose name was Joan dates only from the mid-thirteenth century.
Mistress of the Vatican; the true story of Olimpia Maidalchini: the secret female pope.
HOAXES throughout the centuries from the modern Bonsai kittens to the ancient rumours of a female Pope.

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