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n. pl. o·o·pho·rec·to·mies
Surgical removal of one or both ovaries. Also called ovariectomy.


n, pl -mies
(Surgery) surgical removal of an ovary or ovarian tumour. Also called: ovariectomy Compare ovariotomy
[C19: from New Latin ōophoron ovary, from Greek ōion egg + phoros bearing, + -ectomy]


(ˌoʊ ə fəˈrɛk tə mi)

n., pl. -mies.
surgical removal of the ovary. Also called ovariectomy.
[1870–75; < New Latin oophor(on) ovary (neuter of Greek ōiophóros egg-bearing; see oo-, -phore) + -ectomy]


Surgery to remove one or both ovaries.
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Noun1.oophorectomy - surgical removal of one of both ovaries
ablation, cutting out, extirpation, excision - surgical removal of a body part or tissue


[ˌəʊəfəˈrektəmɪ] Nooforectomía f, ovariotomía f


n. ooforectomía, excisión parcial o total de un ovario.


n (pl -mies) ovariectomía
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The chapter closes with Kristevan observations on female castration and the link between depression and language (Le soleil noir); Lombardi concludes that the characters' "neuroses signify their inability to adjust to patriarchal societies that are faced with the threat represented by the possibility of female emancipation" (93).
Thanks to a well-leaked series of explosive soundbites, the main cause of these riots is perceived to be ignorant Asian immigrants who can't speak proper English, refuse to pledge allegiance to the Crown and allow their families to engage in female castration and arranged marriages.