n.1.A gallant.
Courting her smoothly like a femalist.
- Marston.
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It needs to be pointed out that Ezeigbo's obsession with placing umuada (daughters married outside Umuga, the kin-group) and alutaradi (women married into Umuga) at the centre of her femalist discourses is certainly due to the fact that in Igbo culture the two categories of women can be both weak and strong at the same time, depending on the amount of organisation, education and information at their disposal.
biopolitics in which the "mulatto" is enmeshed, like it or not, male or female, are unequivocally femalist.
Subordinating the creativity in childbirth to that in wordsmithery, the author who is apparently not quite enthused over Femalist conceptual nurturance, foregrounds the lyrics of the song that provide solace in anguish and deprivation.