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n.1.A white grape, esteemed for the table.
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En lieu et place, il a eu recours a des circonvolutions semantiques, s'agissant notamment du mariage de la femme musulmane avec un non musulman, en se fendant de cet article 5 du Code du statut personnel qui dispose que [beaucoup moins que]les deux futurs epoux ne doivent pas se trouver dans l'un des cas d'empechements prevus par la loi[beaucoup plus grand que].
La camera se rapproche, fendant le public parfois lethargique, parfois actif et interesse.
Choooong Heee-uuu", rugit la foule, se fendant au passage d'une petite erreur de prononciation.
205) (204) Dov Fox (206) -- Protected because de- fendant has a right to silence--to control his thoughts.
Cheese fondue is normally paired with a Swiss white wine called Fendant, light beer, or a peppermint tea said to make the meal less heavy.
Valais: This appellation in the southern section accounts for one-third of the country's vineyards, and produces a light, crisp white called Fendant (made with Chasselas grapes).
Chateau Musar remains inextricably linked to the Lebanese pound and Fendant still leaves the winery with a Swiss franc price tag, but the euro area now accounts for more than half the world's production.
So while I thoroughly enjoyed my Fendant du Valais, I'm afraid that it was with a belt-tightening French table wine that we toasted the end of our hols once back home.
It says that only Vacherin and Gruyere cheeses mixed with Fendant wine and a dash of kirsch (cherry) schnapps make for the true fondue.
tel un brise-glace puissant ouvrant, fendant, faisant craquer des blocs enormes .
Valais, which is the southern section and accounts for one-third of the country's vineyards, produces a light, crisp white called Fendant (made with Chasselas grapes).
JOYCE'S favourite tipple - Fendant de Sion - is on sale for the first time in Ireland to mark the centenary of Bloomsday.