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n.1.A white grape, esteemed for the table.
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Choooong Heee-uuu", rugit la foule, se fendant au passage d'une petite erreur de prononciation.
205) (204) Dov Fox (206) -- Protected because de- fendant has a right to silence--to control his thoughts.
Chateau Musar remains inextricably linked to the Lebanese pound and Fendant still leaves the winery with a Swiss franc price tag, but the euro area now accounts for more than half the world's production.
So while I thoroughly enjoyed my Fendant du Valais, I'm afraid that it was with a belt-tightening French table wine that we toasted the end of our hols once back home.
It says that only Vacherin and Gruyere cheeses mixed with Fendant wine and a dash of kirsch (cherry) schnapps make for the true fondue.
JOYCE'S favourite tipple - Fendant de Sion - is on sale for the first time in Ireland to mark the centenary of Bloomsday.
But such a variety of languages means they often end up having three names for everything: so Fendant (The French Chasselas grape)becomes known variously as Gutedal,Perlan or Dorin.
2) In addition, the ICTR is seen as having caved in to the government of Rwanda in the case of one de fendant who was dismissed on a technicality.
Et l'amy les declare / glose / ou efface selon le // cas, et avec ce amaine a son pro // pos toutes les opinions et auctoritez des modernes docteurs // avec la saincte escripture et de // cretz de l'eglise comme de Balle [sic for Basle] et // de Sixte en les soustenant et de // fendant vertueusement.
Among the best are Robert Gilliard's Fendant du Valais ($11) and the same winery's Bes Murettes, Fendant de Sion ($15).
White varieties also grown in Vaud and Geneva have different names in Valais--Pinot Gris is called Malvoisie, and Chasselas is known as Fendant.
Best drink: Try a well-chilled Fendant - a lightly-petillant Swiss white wine.