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(Norse Myth & Legend) Norse myth an enormous wolf, fathered by Loki, which killed Odin
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Noun1.Fenrir - (Norse mythology) an enormous wolf that was fathered by Loki and that killed Odin
Norse mythology - the mythology of Scandinavia (shared in part by Britain and Germany) until the establishment of Christianity
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Arthur Quinn and the Fenris Wolf" is a youth fantasy from Alan Early, following the continuing story of Arthur Quinn after he defeated the Viking god Loki and staved him off the advances against the world.
On the other hand, as is mentioned in the TV Tropes entry on "Named Weapons" in myth and legend, the Norse poets had a habit of naming practically everything, down to each of the rocks to which the chains binding Fenris were attached and the thread that laced Loki's lips together.
OTC Bulletin Board: WKLI), a financial social network, today announced that it has signed a non-exclusive agreement with Santa Monica, CA based Fenris, LLC to raise funds necessary to execute a proposed acquisition strategy.
Upon finding Fenris and adding him, his hatred for the mages caused so much trouble that I never used him again.
Eventually Murdeth is thwarted by Fenris the wolf, and the Shape-Shifter, who transforms Ariane into a birch tree.
Royal Lady, War Lady, by writing to Jane Wolfe directly at Fenris Press, 55A, Garden Lane, Chester, Cheshire, CH1 4EW.
Visitors can first enjoy a nightly open-air performance of Walsall writer Ian Hanery's Viking play Fenris the Wolf, in Cox's Yard, Stratford, at 6pm.
The stars of By Royal Command and Fenris the Wolf, William Shakespeare (Graham Robson from BRC) and Simon Goodwin (FTW) a member of the Drudion y Gwy Warriors of the Wye, Hereford (re-enactment group) improvised a few scenes together.
Chemical News & Intelligence (a division of Lexis-Nexis), Fenris Ventures and The Journal of Petroleum Technology/Oil & Gas Executive.
Fenris Wolf, a newsletter for the White Order of Thule, is one of several small serials circulated within the pagan neo-Nazi sector.
Peter versus Fenris in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe [LWW] or his fight with Miraz in Prince Caspian [PC]) as well as small unit actions (i.
Shortly thereafter the mysterious Luke Fenris appeared and in just a few short years has become the idol of Wall Street and talked about as an American savior.