Ferdinand Julius Cohn

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Noun1.Ferdinand Julius Cohn - German botanist who is generally recognized as founding bacteriology when he recognized bacteria as plants
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Subjects presented here include microbiology's Ferdinand Cohn and concepts of the discreteness of nature, German-Jewish chemists and Raphael Meldola in the search for aniline dyes, Felix Hansdorff's career in cultural and mathematical modernism, Leon Michaelis and Emil Abderhalden and the workings habits of Jewish and non-Jewish chemists in Germany, Zionist men of science between nature and nurture, Einstein and reform Judaism as it relates to the Fries school, value-based genetic studies of ethnic communities in Israel, German and Israeli attitudes about reproductive genetics, pragmatic and dogmatic physics in 1938, and Jewish emigrants and German Scientists after World War II.
Koch wrote to pioneer botanist and bacteriologist Ferdinand Cohn and was invited to Breslau to demonstrate his work on anthrax.