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n.1.Rent for a farm; a farm; also, an abode; a place of residence; as, he let his land to ferm.
Out of her fleshy ferme fled to the place of pain.
- Spenser.
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On the night of 23 February, in the village of Ferm, a group of women warned the former head of the district soviet executive committee that they intended to take back their grain reserves.
You can advocate dance in a silent way," says Ferm.
Kobenhavns Kommune is one of the many city and regional governments across Scandinavia that has recognised that a solution designed for mobility can offer much more than a traditional port-centric approach to access networking," explained Andreas Ferm, regional director, Nordic and Baltic, for Aruba.
According to Robert Ferm, a partner with the Denver law firm Hall & Evans, attorneys not only handle the captive's incorporation and the required regulatory and compliance work, but should also offer advice on how to minimize legal expenses.
The FERM proposal could help community-based groups restore damaged landscapes and showcase activities that build stronger relationships between forests and communities.
John Ferm is president of United Industries of Bentonville.
Vir die laaste vyf jaar van hierdie periode was hy voorsitter van die Letterkundekommisie wat die bedrywighede van die kommissie met 'n ferm maar soepel hand hanteer het.
8220;Continuous Delivery is a development strategy that optimizes your delivery process for high-quality software with the shortest possible delivery time,” said Peter Ferm, CEO of Diabol.
99, New Look; shoes, [euro]54, Limited Edition at Marks & Spencer WALLPAPER [euro]79 per roll, Ferm Living at Goodhoodstore.
Other valuable runners on Wallace's team include juniors James Route, Brian Lindberg, Riley Moore and David Cusack, along with first-year senior Bobby Ferm.