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n.1.Rent for a farm; a farm; also, an abode; a place of residence; as, he let his land to ferm.
Out of her fleshy ferme fled to the place of pain.
- Spenser.
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Kent Ferm is vice president of marketing of United Industries
Alternatively, key into the look with a purse-friendly Ferm Living Little Geometry Cushion in blue, PS22.
Areas with exterior doors are vulnerable to humidity if the positive pressure isn't right, says Ola Ferm, partner at Williard Ferm Architects, which designed the Raleigh facility.
To create a shop and reception area for Stockholm's Fotografiska Museum, a photography repository housed in a 1906 Art Nouveau industrial building designed by Swedish architect Ferdinand Boberg, Guise's Jani Kristoffersen and Andreas Ferm were tasked with giving the spaces a distinct identity and, as Kristofferson puts it, "letting function drive formal language.
We consider that there is a group trying to gain control of local drug sales," Ferm andiacute;n G andoacute;mez, Baja California andrsquo;s deputy attorney general for organised crime, told the US San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper.
MICHELLE SPEZIO FERM, owner of Spezio's Dance Dynamics in Buffalo, New York, has no trouble connecting her students to the larger world of dance because it's right under her own roof: Ferm's building houses LehrerDance, choreographer Jon Lehrer's modern jazz touring company.
A WU-YS05 strain (Patent Microorganism Depository Center: Accession number: FERM P-18660) belonging to Pseudonocardiaceae is effective as the microorganism.
Ferm Living's Finger PrintWall Sticker, $60, fermlivingshop.
The cell lines of the present invention can be obtained by integrating both a nucleotide sequence encoding tamoxifen-induced Cre recombinase and a nucleotide sequence encoding insulin regulated by glucose-sensitive promoter into the chromosome in a human immortalized hepatic cell line FERM BP-7498 containing the TERT gene inserted in between a pair of LoxP sequences.
In response to the bells of the villages of Veriaevo and Gridino, a crowd of several thousand peasants coalesced in Veriaevo from at least ten surrounding villages, including Maleevka, Andreevka, Ferm, Mikhailovka, Dmitrievka, Pavlovka, Seniukhino, and Lubonos.
Steven Brill is chairman and CEO of Media Central, which is overseen by David Ferm, president of the Primedia B2B Group.
In addition, Ferm announced the promotion of Ron Wall to president of Intertec.