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1. An organism that causes fermentation.
2. also fer·men·tor An apparatus that maintains optimal conditions for the growth of microorganisms, used in large-scale fermentation and in the commercial production of antibiotics and hormones.
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TRIpure Reagent was purchased from Beijing BIOTEKE Biotechnology Company (Beijing) and RevertAid[TM] First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit was from FERMENTAS (MBI)(Shanghai).
Affymetrix Agilent Technologies Ambion Pierce Applied Biosystems BD Biosciences Beckman Coulter Bio-Rad Calbiochem Clontech Dako Stratagene Eppendorf Fermentas GE Healthcare Invitrogen Waters Millipore New England Biolabs PerkinElmer Promega Qiagen R&D Systems Roche Applied Science Santa Cruz Biotechnology Sigma-Aldrich Takara Thermo Fisher Scientific VWR International
Ligation of sodC amplicons into cloning vector pJET1--The purified sodC DNA amplicon was ligated into pJET1 using GeneJET PCR Cloning kit (MBI, Fermentas, Inc.
Equal amounts of RNA (1 [micro]g) were reverse transcribed using a first-strand cDNAsynthesis kit (MBI Fermentas, Vilnius, Lithuania).
The synthesized cDNA was amplified using the PCR reagent (Taq polymerase: MBI Fermentas, lot: EP0402; d NTP Mix: MBI Fermentas, USA: R0191).
The cells were rinsed in PBS and total RNA was isolated by guanidinium isothiocyanate using the TRIzol reagent (MBI Fermentas, Lithuania) according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Of the ten biotech players in Lithuania, three of them (namely Fermentas, Sicor and Biocentras) already operate on a global scale, indicating the country's strength in this area.
Viktoras Butkus, Chairman & CEO, Fermentas Life Sciences, Lithuania: "Fermentas has opened a new subsidiary in Shenzen.
The scientific vendors will be on hand from Noon until 2:00pm and some of the companies included are Advanced Microarray, Applied BioSystems, Applied Microarray, Bio-Rad, Biotage, Fermentas, GE Healthcare, Laboratory Equipment Company, Molecular Devices, Rainin, Panomics and Zeiss.
For RFLP analysis, a 20-[micro]L aliquot containing 10 [micro]L of the PCR product was digested with 1 (T+30/in2G), 2 (+138/ ex1ins/delA), 5 (G+356/in4, T+834/ex5C, and T+881/ ex5C), 6 (G-1396A), or 10 U (G-46/in1A) of assay-specific restriction enzymes (MBI Fermentas GmbH; see the online Data Supplement) at the enzyme-specific temperatures overnight.
5 [micro]L BsuRI endonuclease (MBI Fermentas, Burlington, Ontario, Canada), and all digested products were analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis (12).