De Soto

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de So·to

 (dĭ sō′tō, dĕ), Hernando or Fernando 1496?-1542.
Spanish explorer who landed in Florida in 1539 with 600 men and set out to search for the fabled riches of the north. For the next three years he explored much of southern North America, discovering and crossing the Mississippi River in 1541.

De Soto

(də ˈsəʊtəʊ; Spanish de ˈsoto)
(Biography) Hernando (ɛrˈnando). ?1500–42, Spanish explorer, who discovered the Mississippi River (1541). Also: Fernando De Soto

De So•to

(də ˈsoʊ toʊ)
Hernando or Fernando, c1500–42, Spanish explorer in America.
References in classic literature ?
Oh faithless Fernando, here, here shalt thou pay the penalty of the wrong thou hast done me; these hands shall tear out that heart of thine, abode and dwelling of all iniquity, but of deceit and fraud above all; and to these he added other words all in effect upbraiding this Fernando and charging him with treachery and faithlessness.
We forced him to release his hold with no little difficulty, and without another word he left us, and rushing off plunged in among these brakes and brambles, so as to make it impossible for us to follow him; from this we suppose that madness comes upon him from time to time, and that some one called Fernando must have done him a wrong of a grievous nature such as the condition to which it had brought him seemed to show.
The one at his elbow is Fernando de Castro, who is as brave and true a man as heart could wish.
I think, Sir Fernando, since the prince's bounty is stretched so far, that we may make further use of his gracious goodness to the extent of fifty thousand crowns.
Go, raise this money upon our own jewels, if nought else may serve, and see that it be paid over to Don Fernando.
Paul's Rocks, non-volcanic -- Singular Incrustations -- Insects the first Colonists of Islands -- Fernando Noronha -- Bahia -- Burnished Rocks -- Habits of a Diodon -- Pelagic Confervae and Infusoria -- Causes of discoloured Sea.
It is 540 miles distant from the coast of America, and 350 from the island of Fernando Noronha.
The chief of these we called Mojo, after his tribe, and the others are known as Jose and Fernando.
Theresa Hessier, a dancer, married Dom Fernando, brother to the King of Portugal.
Augustino; from whence, keeping further off at sea, we lost sight of land, and steered as if we were bound for the isle Fernando de Noronha, holding our course N.
                                                    Fernando Tapple
For that and other efforts, including a six-year stint as a California Supreme Court justice, Arabian was named the 2006 Fernando Award winner, given out annually to the San Fernando Valley's outstanding volunteer.

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