Fernando Po

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Fer·nan·do Po

 (fər-năn′dō pō′)
See Bioko.

Fernando Po

(fəˈnændəʊ pəʊ)
(Placename) a former name (until 1973) of Bioko


(biˈoʊ koʊ)

an island in the Bight of Biafra, near the W coast of Africa: a province of Equatorial Guinea. 80,000; ab. 800 sq. mi. (2072 sq. km). Formerly, Fernando Po, Macías Nguema Biyogo.
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Fernando Po, West Africa's largest island, 'which Livingstone reportedly called an unpolished jewel', was by the mid-twentieth century being studded with an imperial agro-capitalist crown.
Individual contributions are focused on missionary descriptions in a colonial context, the missionary linguistics of Fernando Po, transculturation, assimilation, and appropriation in the missionary representation of Nahuatl, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
We are confidently informed by executives at Fernando Po it is 'business as usual' in Burkina Faso given the military takeover, but we have suspended discussions with potential partners in Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya and Libya until our executives' safety can be guaranteed in those countries, as well as implementation and commissioning crews.
As a British consul in Fernando Po off West Africa, Santos in Brazil, Damascus and Trieste, Burton veered between being an insensitive disaster and a workshy dilettante.
Nos interesan en este articulo los datos extraidos de un documento de sumo interes, y no explorado hasta la fecha, conocido como Varias noticias de las Yslas de Anobon y Fernando Po &a.
From Slavery to Neoslavery: The Bight of Biafra and Fernando Po in the Era of Abolition, 1827-1930.
During three years as consul in Fernando Po, a Spanish island off the coast of West Africa, he wrote extensively on tribal rituals concerning birth, marriage, and death, as well as on fetishism, ritual murder, cannibalism, and bizarre sexual practices.
Among the topics are the Polock Academy 1812-20 as an examples of Jesuit endurance, the exiled Spanish Jesuits and the restoration of the Society of Jesus, the provide of Madurai between the old and new Society, the first return of the Jesuits to Paraguay, and the incomplete mission of the Jesuits in Fernando Po 1858-72.
com)-- After spending a month on the ground in Ghana, Solamon CEO Graeme Boyce is proud to announce the company has signed a critical Memorandum of Understanding with Fernando Po Ltd, an independent firm based in Accra conducting business across West Africa, representing its first deal under the banner Solamon Ghana.
The Colonial Office had decided to move the court of the Mixed Commission, which adjudicated on whether or not ships were involved in illegal slave trading, from Freetown to the island of Fernando Po, in the Bight of Biafra (see Freetown and Fernando Po).
Also securing seats in the quarterfinals of the Boys 14-Under are Cesar Fernando Po, a 6-0, 7-6 (5) winner over Adrian Javier.
de r aham They all took part in Operation Postmaster, a daring sortie to free three ships from the Spanish island of Fernando Po, off west Africa, in 1942.