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But from 185 yards out he pulled a mid-iron 50 yards left of the flag and hit Luke Fewel on the head.
And if it be ask'd, Whence is that Fewel for those vast Fires, which continually burn?
A century after the Boston crisis, Benjamin Franklin noted that "wood, our common fewel .
They have two children: Earl Bryan Thompson of La Jolla and Floyd Fewel Thompson of Irvine.
Fewel was chair of the Petrolemn Technical Chapter in North Texas in 1995-96, and chair of the North Texas Section in 2001.
Jay Fewel, senior equities investment officer for the $35-billion Oregon Public Employees Retirement System, told trustees during a review of private equity investments on May 28 in Tigard.
Products like the Pacific Edge Project Office Connector enable integration of critical project information from Microsoft Project so it can be utilized within other applications," said Burke Fewel, lead product manager of Microsoft Corporation.
Fewel to classified advertising director of The Tribune in Mesa from classified automotive and real estate manager of the San Jose (Calif.
Fewel was impressed, but told them the state rarely made direct placements with managers in chunks any smaller than $100 million and was reluctant to parcel out an amount greater than 25% of a firm's total assets.
We shall provide more Fewel to increase it and make it burn brighter and clearer, and give a stronger and more lasting Light and Warmth.
It has been modernized (reasonably enough) in many spellings so that ~Sky' and ~Earse' are here uniformly' ~Skye' or ~Erse', final ~ ck' and ~ our' are adjusted, and cloaths, desarts, expence, fewel, plow, relique, and shew are abandoned (storey/story of a house, is irregularly changed), though this kind of alteration is not without its pitfalls.