v. t.1.To feign.
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9) To declare, the story list nat feyne, The grete hatrede that was atwen hem tweyne.
In the women's 1,500 metres, Ethiopia's Feyne Gudeto won the race, but fell agonisingly short of the B Standard time of 4:08.
For the above events, the Sultaness, who has in secret scorned the sacrament of baptism ("We shul first feyne us cristen dom to take-- / Coold water shal nat greve us but a lite
What in "The Man of Law's tale" testified to the iniquity of Constance's first mother-in-law, the Sultaness, namely her false conversion signaled by the words: "We shul first feyne us cristendom to take" (1988 II: 351), (2) acquires a positive dimension in the romance about a shapeless child.
Tonja Cole, Mariann Cox, Jeff Feyne, Daniel Morency and Richard Swade, all of Simi Valley; Rick Gutierrez of Thousand Oaks; Joan Coombs-Rabuano, Chris Krone, and Geri and Gwen Wong, all of Camarillo; Gloria Arbuckle, Jim Carpenter, Linda Johnson and Vince Racabuto, all of Moorpark; and Steven Caplan of Newbury Park were honored for five years of service.
According to Feynes, the management and employees of Richards will remain with the company and operate out of the existing premises.
You might find yourself lingering a little longer at such paintings as William Wendt's lush banks of the Santa Ana River (1919), Richard's Miller's peek into the garden of the Feynes House in Pasadena (1917) and Maurice Braun's glimpse at the San Diego docks (1925-30) - the waterfront bears no resemblance whatsoever to what you see there today.
1 -- 2) Richard Miller's ``Dappled Light'' (1917), at left, which depicts the garden at the Feynes House in Pasadena, is among the works on display at the Laguna Art Museum, above.
C'est sans doute par un manuscrit qu'il connut la description des cotes de l'est de l'Afrique par Odoardo Barbosa; c'est en tout cas fort peu de temps apres leur publication qu'il lut bon nombre d'ouvrages parus aux environs de 1630: le Traite de la navigation de Pierre Bergeron est de 1629; le Voyage faict par terre depuis Paris jus--ques a la Chine, par le sieur de Feynes, de l'annee suivante; de 1631, la Relation du voyage de Perse fait par le R.