optical fiber

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optical fiber

A flexible transparent fiber of extremely pure glass or plastic, generally between 10 and 200 microns in diameter, through which light can be transmitted by successive internal reflections, commonly used in telecommunications.

fi′ber op′tics

or fi′ber•op′tics,

the technology of sending computer data, video and voice signals, etc., through laser-generated light carried in bundles of ultrapure, transparent fiber (optical fiber) whose refraction properties allow the light to be transmitted around curves.
fi`ber•op′tic, adj.

optical fiber

A flexible transparent fiber, usually made of glass or plastic, through which light can be reflected to transmit images or data from one end to the other. Unlike other communications cables, which are made of metal and transmit data as fluctuating electric currents, optical fibers transmit data as pulses of light. See more at fiber optics.
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Noun1.optical fiber - a very thin fiber made of glass that functions as a waveguide for light; used in bundles to transmit images
fiber optic cable, fibre optic cable - a cable made of optical fibers that can transmit large amounts of information at the speed of light
fiberscope - a flexible medical instrument involving fiber optics that is used to examine internal organs
fiber, fibre - a slender and greatly elongated substance capable of being spun into yarn
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plans to build a new $30 million fiber-optic cable network in Southeast Alaska.
The 24-strand indoor/outdoor plenum-rated fiber-optic cable permits building owners to connect buildings with fiber-optic cables that can run directly between the telecommunication rooms of the buildings being linked.
In September, a California observatory received federal funding the first long run of high-bandwidth, fiber-optic cable from land to deep seafloor.
Unlike conventional laser welding techniques, in which the laser itself has to be moved and focused, only the fiber-optic cable must be repositioned.
With more than 10,000 kilometers of undersea fiber optic network, the Company's ARCOS network, combined with Columbus affiliate company sub-sea networks in Bahamas (Caribbean Crossings) and Jamaica (FibraLink) are the leading undersea broadband fiber-optic cable networks connecting the U.
Now that sunlight can be captured into a fiber-optic cable, smaller and more efficient solar panels could replace current ones.
The company's Americas Region Caribbean Optical-ring System (ARCOS) is the leading undersea broadband fiber-optic cable network connecting the U.
a wholly owned subsidiary of Q-Comm Corporation, provides enhanced broadband services to homes and businesses in rural communities by overbuilding with fiber-optic cable to the premises.
ARCOS is an 8,600 km undersea broadband fiber-optic cable network.
and Canadian resellers with LightPointe's FSO products, which offer point-to-point connectivity faster and more cost-effectively than other traditional radio-based technologies or fiber-optic cable.
The company said that it now has more than 380 route miles of fiber-optic cable laid in Manhattan.
Our approach was to build an instantly-ready multimedia system that could handle today's presentation needs with a fiber-optic cable system future-proofed for a minimum of 25 years.

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