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(ˈfaɪ bərˌglæs, -ˌglɑs)
Trademark. a brand of fiberglass.
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Soundproofing between bedrooms was done with Fiberglas that is formaldehyde-free and does not emit particulates.
Install or Replace Fiberglas felt under torch application.
The company's new Vino and Cocoon pendants, which feature latex-covered colored Fiberglas mesh or wire frames, respectively, look and feel like leather.
The board Jaws did the splits on was a special Professor Schmitt-designed deck reinforced with fiberglas strips.
A small Fiberglas mini cooper was also paraded throughout the harbor as part of the performance.
When I installed the greenhouse, I used the clear Fiberglas panels and when money becomes available I will use a clear Fiberglas panel in the center of the roof, and use galvanized panels on the sides of the roof of the rabbit hutch.
Open from 6am to 6pm every day during the week, the IFI Columbus branch offers local stocking of Owens Corning FIBERGLAS pipe cover, Aerocell rubber insulation and industrial-strength insulation from IIG - just to name a few products in addition to thermal and acoustical pipe insulation fabricated by IFI.
INSV Mhadei is a 56 ft sloop constructed at the boat yard of M/s Aquarius Fiberglas Pvt Ltd at Divar, Goa and handed over to the Indian Navy in February 2009.
The `great white fleet' are the private Fiberglas gliders," he said.
She further noted that staff had contacted a company which manufactured pre-fabricated fiberglas bridge decks.
Eventually, the Dobbens started hearing from their distributors that wood boats were simply too much work for consumers to maintain, and that they should get into the Fiberglas boat-making business.
EcoTouch PINK FIBERGLAS insulation will be available in stores nationwide by fall 2011.