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a. fibular, rel. al peroné;
___ arteryarteria ___;
___ veinsvenas ___.
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jubatus; we refer them to Chloephaga rather than Cairina or Sarkidiornis because of these characters: manus phalanx digiti majoris smoother, more gently contoured than in Sarkidiornis; tendinal groove on ventral surface more distinct than in Cairina; tibiotarsus--incisura intercondylaris wider than in Sarkidiornis; trochlea cartilaginis tibialis does not extend as far up corpus tibiotarsi as in Cairina or Sarkidiornis; sulcus musculo fibularis more distinct than in Cairina or Sarkidiornis.
analysed the reaction time of the fibularis longus during a sudden inversion perturbation in male athletes with Kt, inelastic tape and untaped conditions.
Caracterizacao do processo de rigor mortis, da maciez dos musculos Gastrocnemius internus e Fibularis longus e efeito da radiacao gama na vida comercial da carne de avestruz (Struthio camelus).
Because of their small size and variable location, the popliteus, plantaris, and fibularis tertius (absent in some people) nerves were not always identified.