field grade

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field′ grade`

military rank applying to mid-level army officers, as majors, lieutenant colonels, and colonels. Compare company grade.
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HAMAT AIR BASE, Lebanon: "I envy them, they are the spearhead and they need to train to stay on top of their game so that they are ready for anything," a field grade officer in the Lebanese Air Force told The Daily Star, gesturing to the two young men in his office at the Hamat Air Base in northern Lebanon.
For several days of the buffalo hunt, I wore Galco's Field Grade Culling Belt.
For younger hunters and women who don't enjoy harsh recoil, the Stevens Model 320 Field Grade is a nice option.
Serving as the military field grade officer point of contact for all manner of needs and service requests for garrison staff, other installation directorates, and tenant unit commanders.
Secondary research questions included determining whether there were statistically significant differences in attributes based on age, gender, rank (company grade vs field grade *), corps (Medical, Nurse, Medical Service, Specialist, Dental, and Veterinarian), and environmental factors such as time spent in hospitals (fixed facility experience) and time spent in the field (operational unit experience).
Company and field grade officers are assigned in a similar manner; however, after 1 year in a position or based on the internal operational needs of that installation, each subsequent duty position for that officer is managed internally by the commander.
Frontline Soldiers--sergeants and junior or field grade officers--rarely write memoirs, although they are the ones who bear the weight of tactical combat.
On Saturday Jong-Un issued an order to promote 70 field grade officers to general rank.
1) This was a significant event because, prior to this announcement, every judge advocate field grade officer on active duty, or in the Reserve or Guard, was selected for promotion by the yearly Army Promotion Board--and consequently directly competed for promotion to higher rank with infantry, artillery, armor, engineer, and transportation officers, as well as officers of other Army branches.
Q: I have a standard field grade FN Browning A-5 16 gauge that was brought back from Europe.
The team then applies these strategies to the full spectrum of assignment actions for officer accessions for company field grade officers.
The level of staff officer of particular concern is at the O-4 field grade rank.