Guy Fawkes Night

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Noun1.Guy Fawkes Night - effigies of Guy Fawkes are burned on this nightGuy Fawkes Night - effigies of Guy Fawkes are burned on this night
November 5 - anniversary of the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot
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The fifth of November was the first day of what is called the battle of Krasnoe.
We are going to have a small party on Monday, the fifth of November,' said my mother; 'and I hope you will not refuse to make one, Mrs.
and "A little bit of this pie, Mr Moore; Jane made it," and Jerry sitting there with a feeble grin, saying "Yes" and "No" and nothing much more, while Miss Jane's eyes are snapping like Fifth of November fireworks.
These steps, advancing nearer and nearer to the gallery, bring into it a group at first sight scarcely reconcilable with any day in the year but the fifth of November.
s Aunt brought home like the fifth of November in a rush-bottomed chair I will not attempt, suffice it to say that the hollow form of breakfast took place in the dining-room downstairs that papa partaking too freely of pickled salmon was ill for weeks and that Mr F.
I began one note, in a six-syllable line, 'Oh, do not remember' - but that associated itself with the fifth of November, and became an absurdity.
Every schoolkid in England knows the rhyme about Remember, remember the fifth of November, and they probably know a little something about the Gunpowder Plot but not really the whole picture," Harington says.
A win in the Bonfire Night cracker and this guy will remember, remember the fifth of November 2017 for the rest of his days.
On some of the coins the inscription reads "Pemember, Pemember the Fifth of November instead of "Remember, Remember".
E all remember that today is the Fifth of November.
REMEMBER, remember the fifth of November - and take a look at our fantastic tips and activities to make sure your Bonfire Night goes with a bang