Figure painting

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a picture of the human figure, or the act or art of depicting the human figure.

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NEW YORK, July 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- On Sunday, July 19, 2015, Bare Body Freedom and Music Au Naturel Artist and Producer Ton Dou will be the subject of an outdoor nude figure painting outside the Guggenheim Museum as part of an artistic and literary demonstration of the harmlessness and wholesomeness of the natural human form, and the responsible practice of bare body freedom, publicly as well as privately.
His demonstrations are step-by-step descriptions of still life, landscape, portrait and nude figure painting.
It was after seeing cursive script calligraphy by the T'ang master Huai-su that he achieved a breakthrough, developing a vigorous, improvisatory style of figure painting.
Life-size figure painting was a rarity in the Islamic world, but as the show demonstrates, it flowered in Persia.
You can find guidance for your own creative inclinations at the Mendocino Art Center--now in its 28th year--in courses in landscape and figure painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, ceramics, stained glass, and bookmaking.
It is the first early work by the Dutch artist to enter the collection, as well as being the first figure painting - other works at the gallery are landscapes and still-lifes.
The sculpture is based on the homely, expressive Priceless, Wordless, Loveless, a figure painting made between 1987 and 1988.
I've always been interested in figure painting," he says.
It's not often that practitioners of academic figure painting are identified as a subculture, but when Greg Parma Smith used the term in relation to such artists in his exhibition "Life Drawings, Poseurs, and 'thirteen oil paintings on canvas,'" the classification didn't seem entirely off-the-wall.
Portraiture, allegory, still life, anecdotal figure painting, architectural studies, and even equestrian imagery were investigated anew--not in a mocking or dismissive manner, but rather as still-potent types, the collective weight of which it now seems impossible for a contemporary painter to transcend or otherwise escape.