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A recombinant form of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor, used as a drug to treat neutropenia especially as a result of chemotherapy, and in patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation.

[fil- (probably alteration of (neutro)phil) + gra(nulocyte) + stim(ulating).]


n filgrastim m
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CLAG-M is a salvage chemotherapy regimen consisting of cladribine, cytarabine, filgrastim and mitoxantrone that has become the standard of care at many institutions across the U.
Contract notice: Conclusion of a non-exclusive discount agreement pursuant to section 130a (8) sgb v on the active substance filgrastim, Atc l03aa02, For the period 1.
Pegfilgrastim is reported a long-acting version of the oncology supportive care medicine filgrastim, said the company.
Amgen has marketed Neupogen since 1991 and holds patents on methods of manufacturing and using filgrastim.
Because of the lack of literature regarding long-term therapy, it is recommended to consider short-term treatment with filgrastim to normalize ANC after a severe drop in a symptomatic patient.
In the case of Teva's filgrastim, the manufacturer elected to withdraw its previously submitted biosimilar 351(k) application, and instead submit a BLA (351[a]).
The national filgrastim was also approved via the comparative regulatory pathway, being compared to Granulokine.
The animals were randomly divided into four groups of eight animals each, including control (C) (untreated) group, and 10-, 50-, and 70-mg/kg filgrastim groups.
and clinicians believe that filgrastim has been underused up until now for various reasons including price.
Composicion de la formulacion: Retacrit, Silapo, Biograstim, Ratiograstim, Tevagrastim Zarzio y Filgrastim Hexal.
The company already sells in Europe a generic version of a widely used biotech anemia drug under its brand name Retacrit, and last month it gained full global rights to filgrastim, a generic version of Amgen Inc.