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(ˈfɪlɪstə) ,




1. (Building) Also called: fillister plane an adjustable plane for cutting rabbets, grooves, etc
2. (Building) Also called: sash fillister a rabbet or groove, esp one in a window sash bar for a pane of glass
[C19: of unknown origin]
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The Logic Century has a U-shape and anti-slip fillister that make the analyzer easy to carry.
To prevent the safety lever from rotating into the full-auto position, I made a safety lever stop from a # 8 fillister head screw for a stop.
The members of the commission are: Ms Fillister Baya, Ms Mahassin Haj Al-Saffi, James Bol Kajmal, Abdallah Ballah Al-Hardalou, Mohamed Taha Abu Samrah, Mukhtar Al-Asam and Al-Hadi Mohamed Ahmed Hassabou.