Fin ray

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(Anat.) one of the hornlike, cartilaginous, or bony, dermal rods which form the skeleton of the fins of fishes.

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The intromittent organs of the fluffy sculpin (Oligocottus snyderi; Family Cottidae), a viviparous marine species, have been described as having a modified anal fin ray with the ability to bend in order to enter the female reproductive tract (Morris 1955).
Three to four anal fin rays appeared, and anal and dorsal fin ray buds were observed (Fig.
The MultiChoiceGripper combines two development fields--adaptive finger technology using Festo's Fin Ray structures and a mechanical linkage that changes the position of the fingers from 'opposing' to 'surrounding'.
Males with hooks on all fin rays, two pairs of eight small hooks on fourth unbranched anal-fin ray, two to eight pairs of hooks from first to seventh branched anal-fin rays.
Pelvic-fin posterior tip from 2nd to 3rd anal-fin ray in males, from 1st to 2nd anal fin ray in females.
Principal component and/or discriminant functions revealed that meristic characters were highly correlated with pectoral fin ray count, number of lateral line scales, as well as number of anal fin rays.
For example, Maraldo and MacCrimmon (15) found that dorsal fin spine and pectoral fin ray cross sections were unreliable for aging largemouth bass from northern waters.
Chen and Yang (2004) described Tor genus with following characters: lower lip developed into fleshy lobe, or at least with two notches delimiting the usual position of the lobe; post labial groove uninterrupted; last simple dorsal fin ray osseous and non-serrated; no forward directed pre dorsal procumbent spine; no groove in front of nostrils.
Posterior hoxa genes expression during zebrafish bony fin ray development and regeneration suggests their involvement in scleroblast differentiation.