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A country of northern Europe on the Gulf of Bothnia and the Gulf of Finland. Settled by Finnish people by the beginning of the 8th century, the region was controlled from the 13th century by Sweden and after 1809 by Russia. Finland became independent in 1917. Helsinki is the capital and the largest city.

Fin′land·er n.
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In addition to NH Community Seafood, consumers and restaurants can purchase fish directly from two off-the-boat seafood sellers FV Rimrack in Rye and FV Vivian Mae in Portsmouth, as well as from an emerging whole fish seller, FV Finlander out of Eliot, Maine, and numerous local fish markets: Seaport Fish in Rye; Taylor Lobster in Eliot; Sanders Market in Portsmouth; and Yankee Fishermen's Cooperative in Seabrook.
The trip took a day and a half, and on the first night we discovered a Finlander who was willing to keep travellers overnight.
Keeping his head, the Finlander extracted a shopworn Swiss Army knife from his pocket, popped out one of its screwdriver attachments and jabbed it into the ice in front of him.