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Thinking over my plans, as mapped out, I perceived that they did not take in the Furka Pass, the Rhone Glacier, the Finsteraarhorn, the Wetterhorn, etc.
The inferior mountains on each side of the pass form a sort of frame for the picture of their dread lord, and close in the view so completely that no other prominent feature in the Oberland is visible from this BONG-A-BONG; nothing withdraws the attention from the solitary grandeur of the Finsteraarhorn and the dependent spurs which form the abutments of the central peak.
We got over the tedious collection of stones and DE'BRIS which covers the PIED of the GLETCHER, and had walked nearly three hours from the Grimsel, when, just as we were thinking of crossing over to the right, to climb the cliffs at the foot of the hut, the clouds, which had for some time assumed a threatening appearance, suddenly dropped, and a huge mass of them, driving toward us from the Finsteraarhorn, poured down a deluge of HABOOLONG and hail.
Des Rubens, who was an experienced mountaineer, was climbing the 14,022ft Finsteraarhorn - the highest mountain in the Bernese range - when disaster struck.
Tyndall himself does not appear so plainly in the six other poems that comprise this book, although references to Alpine climatology are woven throughout: sections of the poem "Preluminous" bear titles such as "Crystallization and Internal Liquefaction" and "My Guide of the Finsteraarhorn," a reference to a peak in the Swiss Alps.