Fire roll

a peculiar beat of the drum to summon men to their quarters in case of fire.

See also: Fire

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However, few are aware that the mortar can also be utilized in a direct fire roll.
Tenders are invited for Annual Inspection & Testing of Fire Roll Up Doors.
Built essentially of teakwood and bamboo, floods of fire roll, roil, and gush through the buildings, streets, and infrastructure of Japan in an all-consuming torrent.
By letting a fast-moving fire roll over the sage, low-lying plants are given an opportunity to access soil nutrients and moisture and take hold.
1 -- 2) Dishes at the new Oishi sushi bar in Canoga Park include the Spit Fire Roll, top, and the Seafood Cold Noodle Salad, above.
When fire rolls over a rangeland, it gives perennial sod-forming grasses, which are good sources of forage for livestock, a better chance to take hold.