Fire dog

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When I had said this, the fire-dog acted as if mad with envy.
When the fire-dog heard this, he could no longer endure to listen to me.
The fireplaces are large and deep, with fierce crooked-looking fire-dogs.
I had got a couple of old fire-dogs to keep the wood from the hearth, and it did me good to see the soot form on the back of the chimney which I had built, and I poked the fire with more right and more satisfaction than usual.
The quintessential bovine head on the fire-dog is a symbol, but of what?
If it is granted that the bulls' heads probably made the piece more expensive, more interesting, perhaps more pleasing to use and more prestigious to display, it still seems a stretch to reach the following line of enquiry: the "bovine head on the fire-dog is a symbol, but of what?
A handful of English families still retain silver fire-dogs, sconces and mirrors.
Suites of silver sconces and fire-dogs commissioned in Augsburg for Forchenstein, the Esterhazy castle near Vienna, are a striking element.