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A boat equipped to fight fires along waterfronts and on ships.


(Nautical Terms) a motor vessel with fire-fighting apparatus



a powered vessel equipped to fight fires on boats, docks, shores, etc.
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Noun1.fireboat - a boat equipped to fight fires on ships or along a waterfront
boat - a small vessel for travel on water
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Sirous Kianersi, NITC managing director, said on Monday that rescue operations for finding the missing crew of the tanker still continue, adding 3 fireboats have been dispatched to the spot to help firefighting operations.
In a new response to companies, Public Services and Procurement Canada confirmed that the tugs and fireboats that might be provided to the Department of National Defence in the future don't necessarily have to be built in Canada.
The powerful water cannons on |the Svitzer fireboats used in the show can reach a vertical range of more than 25metres.
The powerful water cannons on the Svitzer fireboats used in the show can reach a vertical range of 25 metres.
Five Marine Police launches, three fireboats and a Government Flying Service helicopter from Hong Kong are involved in the operation.
They sail aboard Government-contracted vessels of the US Navy's Military Sealift Command and the Maritime Administration's Ready Reserve Force, on tugs and ferry fleets, as well as fireboats, and in various capacities in shore side support industries.
As the blaze raged, firefighters had to use fireboats to pipe water from the Bosporus to hose down the 142-year-old wooden building.
Previous and current construction projects include tug boats, offshore support vessels, research vessels, fireboats, ferries and fishing vessels.
After replacing in short order the 91 pieces of apparatus that were destroyed in the collapses, the FDNY added to its number of hazardous-material tactical, or haztac, ambulances (which specialize in handling emergencies involving toxins), elite-trained ladder companies, and fireboats.
Flames were clearly seen across the Bosporus from where fireboats sprayed water onto the burning roof.
Governor Mutlu told reporters that the blazes mostly damaged roof of the train station, and noted that the fire was taken under control totally thanks to the rapid intervention of the fireboats from the sea.
TRAGEDY Exxon victim RACE Fireboats battle the blaze on the first day