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n.1.(Zool.) A singular marine fish of the genus Pterois, family Scorpænidæ, of several species, inhabiting the Indo-Pacific region. They are usually red, and have very large spinose pectoral and dorsal fins.
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PTC Therapeutics announced that the FIREFISH study of RG7916 in Type 1 spinal muscular atrophy patients has transitioned into its pivotal phase with the dosing the first patient.
NASDAQ: PTCT) today announced the presentation of early interim data from Part 1, the dose-finding portion of the FIREFISH study.
Through a study by Firefish and NeuroInsight, we found that people on Twitter are curious, leaned-in and looking to learn, wish to be inspired and ultimately wish to be entertained.
The four-year project is set to begin in September and aims to protect waters surrounding Cyprus and the Mediterranean -- particularly areas that are part of Natura 2000 such as Cape Greco -- from the "invasive Pterois miles" also known as lionfish or devil firefish.
US species Scorpaena guttata Pterosis volitans (red (common names) (California lionfish, 93% of US scorpionfish, population) Pterosis miles sculpin) (common lionfish, devil firefish, 7%) Subfamily names Synanceinae Common names Stonefish Common genera Synanceia verrucosa (reef stonefish) Synanceia horrida (estuarine stonefish) Geographic Mostly tropical distributions Indian and Western Pacific Oceans US species Not presently (common names) in US coastal waters
18, 2014) (including "Harris Corporation: Gossamer, LongShip, BlackFin, BlackFin II, HawksBill, SpurDog, FishFinder, KingFish, StingRay, StingRay II, GSM Interrogator, CDMA Interrogator, iDEN Interrogator, UMTS Interrogator, FishHawk, Porpoise, FireFish, Tarpon, AmberJack, Harpoon, Moray, LanternEye, RayFish, StoneCrab"); U.
An 8-foot-wide tank that serves as Friedmans portfolio to potential customers houses multiple varieties of coral and bright fish and crustaceans with names like firefish goby, arrow crab, and astrea snail.
At the same time Ryan Aeronautical had developed the Firefish as a drone for missile and gunnery practice.
Many of them are also metaphorical, as indeed are other research agency names such as Firefish, 2cv and Purple Doors.
Blue-ringed octopus, cone shells, stonefish, and firefish (also known as lionfish and turkeyfish) are other poisonous creatures presented.
PTC Therapeutics announced the presentation of early interim data from Part 1, the dose-finding portion of the FIREFISH study.